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Welcome to! While the name of our site may make it seem like we cover only topics related to Thujas, the reality is that we cover many topics that focus on a wide variety of plants. With that said, we do have one of the best resources online in our blog section, which is dedicated largely to Thuja Green Giants themselves.

There are two different primary sections of our blog. The first set of articles is most concentrated on planting guides, generally for Thujas themselves. The secondary category caters more towards general information topics. Again, these articles are primarily centered around Thujas.

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We have broken down into a number of easy to follow categories. We start with the top level category for a plant, and then we describe the characteristics that define this group. For example, you may want to learn about the nature of Fruit Trees. From here, we then take a look at some of the most popular individual trees within that category.

Thuja Green Giants

Choosing your perfect plant is that much easier when you know which category you should be looking for. Some climates will not be conducive to one segment of plants, and others may not have the look or feel that you are after. We are continually adding more information to our plant categories in order to most effectively deliver the most robust amount of content as possible.

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Know exactly which plant you are interested in, or want to compare and learn about a few different plant types within the same parent category? We have a virtually limitless number of plants covered within our guides. Our articles on plants tell you every detail you could possibly want to know, helping you to make an informed decision for your landscaping goals.

The articles on include every element of a plant, from its physical appearance, to its most practical uses, to how to correctly care for the plant long term. We also tell you what the ideal circumstances are for any given plant. After all, you don’t want to invest in a particular species that is not suited for your ground or climate.

Our rolodex of topics covered is ever evolving. There are always new plants being created, and there is always more that can be learned about every type of plant in the world. We are continually not only adding new plants to our index of topics, but always ensuring that our existing content is both as complete and useful as any plant care resource online.

Buying Plants Online and Locally

We know that the modern consumer has many different options when it comes to buying plants and trees. Until recently, the only viable option was to drive to your local nursery/greenhouse and hope that your desired plant was available in the right size and quantity that you were after. While that is still an option, today buyers are able to also acquire their plants online and/or over the phone with home delivery. provides an in-depth guide to making the best buying decisions possible when landscaping. Whether you are planting at your own home, have a small garden or acres of land, our articles will help to make the buying process and painless and efficient as possible. We take a look at all of the places you can buy your plants online, or offline, and help to point you in the right direction.

We are always adding new topics to the site, and we encourage you to visit often, and to trust as your primary resource for proper plant care and landscaping advice.